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Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

Wax Me Brazilian and Laser Spa at Phenix Salon

Smooth is Sexy

Brazilian Waxing Suwanee | Full Body Wax Suwanee

Wax Me Brazilian is a specialty waxing and laser hair removal salon offering two services to go hair-free: waxing and laser hair removal.

With clean environment rooms, treat your skin and body. For a complete list of services, consult the Spa services menu or see below for a full description of our services.



Providing Full Body Waxing and Laser Services for Women . Including Full legs, Arms, Under arm, Brazilian , bikini, Back, Face, Fingers and Toes. (You have nothing we have not seen before; we are confident and competent Estheticians. What happens in the waxing room stays in the waxing room!) Come visit for a free consultation to see which is better for you - Waxing or Laser Hair Removal. We have you covered either way. Smooth is sexy!



Providing Full Body Waxing and laser Services for Men, waxing is becoming almost as popular as female waxing, but it is the truth. Brows, backs, chests, and noses are common waxing services being performed these days on men! Everyone from bodybuilders, businessmen, students and athletes are choosing the road to hairless happiness. We are confident and competent Estheticians that we will not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

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