Spider Veins – Face and Legs

Brazilian Waxing Services | Suwanee | Johns Creek


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Soft Wax

Soft wax it is spread along the body part and then a strip of cloth is placed on it and ripped off against the hair its thinner then the hard wax and quicker for the client wants to wax legs ,arms, back, eyebrows and face.

Hard Wax

The hard wax is smoothed on just like soft wax, left to dry, and then peeled off. It takes longer, but unlike soft wax, hard wax does not interfere with lymphatic flow as it is pulled off the skin; dries around the hair, attaching it to the wax, making it easier to peel off. The wax itself is preferred by more people for more sensitive areas of their bodies; brazilian, bikini lines or underarms.


NO Double Dipping Policy

Double dipping is commonly practiced in unethical salons. They dip used waxing sticks repeatedly. This contaminates the entire wax container with harmful bacteria!!! Not so at the Wax Me Brazilian! Our sticks are dipped once into sterile wax, applied to the client once and then immediately discarded, to protect you from harmful bacteria and diseases. During one single wax session we may go through as many as 20 wax sticks. Whether it’s a Bikini Underarm or Leg Wax, We are very proud to say…